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Episode 009 - Tony Di Benedetto, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada, Part Two

The shares of Drone Delivery Canada have more than quadrupled since we first brought the company to our Capital Ideas' subscribers attention more than a year ago. Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to CEO Tony Di Benedetto, in part two of a couple of conversations the two had over the course of several months. Di Benedetto brings us up to speed on the latest developments at this innovative company that has first mover advantage in the sector and is looking to commercialize its drone delivery service later this year. 

Episode 008 - Tony Di Benedetto, CEO, Drone Delivery Canada

The stock of Drone Delivery Canada has quadrupled since we first interviewed CEO Tony Di Benedetto for a Capital Ideas Digest cover story in February of 2017. The pioneering company has first mover advantage in Canada delivering packages via drone to rural and remote areas, and counts Staples among its partners. 

Episode 007 - Scott Edmonds, CEO, Photon Control

This company's stock is higher by more than 1500% in the last five years. The component supplier for some of the world's largest semiconductor equipment manufactures just posted record operating profit and revenue. Edmonds brings experience from Walt Disney to the job.

Episode 006 - John McKimm, CEO, Smart Employee Benefits

McKimm owns about 20% of this company, which brings I.T expertise to employee benefits for some of Canada's largest firms. Wait until you hear what happened to me before the interview. 

Episode 005 - Randy Buchamer, CEO, Legend Power Systems

Now this guy's a CEO. That's the impression I got from Randy Buchamer, the Chief Executive Officer  of Legend Power Systems (TSXV:LPS). From the time he walked into the Capital Ideas TV studio to the time he left, Buchamer was poised, confident, affable and gentlemanly. He's easily one of the more impressive CEOs I've interviewed. Listen as he tells us about the flagship product of Legend Power Systems, the electrical harmonizer, which saves companies like Loblaw on their electricity costs. Legend's stock more than tripled after this interview. 

Episode 004 - Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld: From Peaches to Cannabis

Capital Ideas Media Publisher Mark Bunting sits down with Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld for part two of this two-part interview. The son of a peach farmer in Leamington, Ontario, Neufeld has come full circle back to his hometown to run Aphria, one of the most successful cannabis companies in the world. Neufeld opens up about his family, his rabble rousing youth, and his legacy. 

Episode 003 - Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld

Capital Ideas Media traveled to Leamington, Ontario for a two-part interview with local boy made good, Vic Neufeld, the CEO of Aphria Inc., one of the largest cannabis companies in the world. Publisher Mark Bunting asks Neufeld about Aphria's recent flurry of deals, the controversy over the Nuuvera takeover, and his vision for the company he leads. Neufeld is down-to-earth and shoots from the hip. 

Episode 002 - Gene Simmons: Secrets to His Entrepreneurial Success.

Capital Ideas Media Publisher Mark Bunting sits down with Gene Simmons to discuss the KISS star's entrepreneurial, marketing and branding skills, in part two of a two-part interview. Simmons is worth an estimated $300 million for a reason. He tells the story of how his journey to successful businessman started in Israel at the age of seven.

Episode 001 - Why Rock Star Gene Simmons Invested in Cannabis Company Invictus MD Strategies.

Capital Ideas Media Publisher Mark Bunting talks to legendary rock star and entrepreneur Gene Simmons, the Chief Evangelist Officer for the cannabis company Invictus MD Strategies, in part one of a two-part interview. What prompted Simmons to get involved with Invictus after getting several pitches from other companies? - superior podcast hosting.

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