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Looking for capital gains or dividend income…or both? Consider split shares to boost your returns.

Also this week: Our smart money segment features Jeremy Grantham who says resources stocks look good for years to come. Find out why.

Plus: Bombardier has more than 50% upside, and we have three stocks from three different sectors that are breaking out.

The cheapest gold stock you’ve never heard of could double in a hurry once Bay Street catches on.

Also this week: Are high-yielding dividend stocks safe?

Plus: Smart money vs dumb money. What’s it telling us? And, technical analysis of three stocks that could double in 12 months

Why Canada’s big banks look “unbelievable” in a lower rates forever scenario.

Also this week, billionaires Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn continue their battle over Herbalife.

Plus, why Liquor Stores has 30% upside and Tahoe Resources has some more shine left even after doubling.

Peter Schiff insists Fed policy will make gold go ballistic

Also this week: Why Seymour Schulich is loading up on another energy player

Plus: Top up on Corby Sprit and Wine. An analyst sees 25% upside

Four smokin’ marijuana stocks to take your returns to the next level

Also inside: Smart beta funds? Buyer beware.

Plus: There’s more upside in gold streamer Franco-Nevada

Precious metals billionaire Eric Sprott tells you which stocks to buy now

Also: Why Barrick Gold still has 35% upside even after doubling

Plus: Bond guru Bill Gross on sex and hard assets. Yup, you read that right.

A well-known small cap investor on how to have “super winners.”

Also: A legendary investor on why alternative asset managers are a “dream” for value investors

Plus: An insurance claims company has 30% upside

Why foreign money is flocking to Canadian bonds

Also this week: A healthcare legend boosts his stake in a Canadian pharma

Plus: A Canadian infrastructure company has more than 50% upside

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