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Episode 037 - Tyler Robson, CEO, Valens GroWorks

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks again with Tyler Robson, CEO of Valens GroWorks (CSE:VGW), the largest cannabis extractor in Canada. The company’s shares have more than doubled since his last visit. Find out about the company’s deals with Canopy Growth, Tilray and other top 10 licensed producers, and why Valens is very well-positioned for “Legalization 2.0” coming in October.

Episode 036 - Paul Pedersen, Co-Founder & CEO, Nextleaf Solutions

NextLeaf Solutions (CSE:OILS) beat multi-billion dollar public companies to the first U.S. patent for the extraction and purification of cannabinoids. The company has a facility in B.C. ready for “Legalization 2.0” to be a white label provider to many different types of consumer facing cannabis companies. Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Paul Pedersen, co-founder and CEO of Nextleaf, who was also a founder of Peace Naturals, which was bought by Cronos Group.

Episode 035 - Bob Groesbeck, Co-CEO, Planet 13

Capital Ideas TV travels to Las Vegas to Planet 13 (CSE:PLTH;OTC:PLNHF), the largest cannabis dispensary in the world. Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to co-CEO Bob Groesbeck, who gives us a tour and details the company’s ambitious expansion plans for a 40,000 square foot entertainment complex.

Planet 13’s stock has doubled since our first interview last July, and Groesbeck is very confident there is much higher revenue and profit in the future as the company rolls out its concept across the U.S.

Episode 034 - Marc Seelenfreund, Founder, CEO, Siyata Mobile

Capital Ideas travels to Las Vegas for a wireless conference at the invitation of Siyata Mobile (TSXV:SIM;OTCQCX:SYATF).

The company is kicking into a higher gear after striking distribution deals with AT&T, Motorola, FirstNet and Bell Mobility for its flagship product, the Uniden UV350, the “first and only” push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) device for commercial vehicles.

Hear our conversation with Siyata mobile founder and CEO Marc Seelenfreund as he details why the company’s revenue, earnings and stock price should start to ramp up.

Episode 033 - Simon Hitzig, CEO, Accord Financial

Accord Financial (TSX:ACD) CEO Simon Hitzig talks with Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting about tripling the company’s loan portfolio, being more diverse than ever, and the record earnings that have resulted from the company’s five-year growth plan.

Episode 032 - Dr. Jack Regan, Founder, CEO, Lexagene Holdings

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting sits down with Dr. Jack Regan, founder and CEO of Lexagene Holdings (TSXV:LXG;OTC:LXXGF). The company is on the verge of commercializing its pathogen detection system, which is faster and less expensive than current methods.

Regan says Lexagene has already had exploratory talks with larger biotech firms that need this technology in their product line. That makes a buyout of Lexagene later this year a distinct possibility.

Episode 031 - Paul Beattie, Co-Founder, BT Global Growth

Capital Ideas Media President and Publisher Mark Bunting in conversation with Paul Beattie, co-founder of the BT Global Growth Fund, which has consistently beaten the market since inception in 2006 with an annualized return net of fees of 9%. 

Paul has Five Top Picks for you, talks about long/short strategies, the importance of cash flow, and explains how to profit from the inefficient Canadian market

Episode 030 - Dr. Zaki Rakib, Founder, CEO, Canna-V-Cell Sciences

Capital Ideas Media President and Publisher Mark Bunting sits down with Dr. Zaki Rakib, founder and CEO of Canna-V-Cell Sciences (CSE:CNVC), a company disrupting the burgeoning cannabis sector through bio farming.

Rakib asks and answers the question: Why grow plants when all you want are the active ingredients? Canna-V-Cell’s proprietary and scaleable technology produces a cannabis powder at a fraction of the cost of traditional growing methods and uses a sliver of the space.

The company is proving out its technology this year, will build a manufacturing facility (probably in California), and plans to be selling its product to consumer-facing companies in 2020.

Episode 029 - Bruce Campbell, Founder, StoneCastle Investment Management

Capital Ideas Media President and Publisher Mark Bunting in conversation with Bruce Campbell, who provides investors with Six Small Cap Top Picks, investing strategies and insights, and he answers viewer questions. At the time of this live interview, Bruce's Purpose Canadian Equity Growth Fund was the best-performing small-to-mid-cap mutual fund this year with a return of nearly 14%.

Episode 028 - Adam Cegielski, CEO, Eyecarrot Innovations

Capital Ideas Media President and Publisher Mark Bunting talks to Adam Cegielski, CEO of Eyecarrot Innovations (TSXV:EYE), whose Binovi technology platform is showing the way forward in functional vision care, and advancing the way patients are diagnosed and treated. Cegielski says Eyecarrot’s growth is speeding up as doctors and patients see the results.

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