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Episode 019 - Cannabis Panel Discussion

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting moderates the Growing Technologies and Innovation panel at the New Green Frontier Cannabis Investor Conference. Get insights into the sector from panelists Kevin Epp, COO of Up Cannabis, a subsidiary of The Tragically Hip-backed Newstrike Brands (TSXV:HIP), Earl Connors, CEO of Rocky Mountain Marijuana (CSE:RMMI), Lawrence Hourihan, President of Relief Effects, and Ingo Mueller, CEO of Cannivate.

Episode 018 - Rodney Gelineau, CEO, EastWest Bioscience

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting sits down with Rodney Gelineau, the CEO of EastWest Bioscience (TSXV:EAST), which just completed a reverse takeover with Harbour Star Capital. Rodney explains EAST's strategy of moving into cannabinoid (CBD) products to complement the 30+ hemp-based products the company already has on the market. He also gives revenue and profitability projections, and talks about EAST's recent purchase of Sangster's, a health store chain that's been around since the early 1970s.

Episode 017 - Matt Lurie, Founder/CEO, Organic Garage

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting and producer Marc Perri head to the new Liberty village, Toronto location of Organic Garage to talk to founder and CEO Matt Lurie, a fourth generation grocer, about the company's growth by expansion plan in the increasingly popular organic and natural food retail sector. This is store number four for the value-driven company with more in the pipeline. Lurie also discusses the possibility of Organic Garage's (TSXV:OG) growing footprint, revenue growth and millennial focus eventually appealing to a larger player. After all, bought Whole Foods Market for nearly $14 billion, and Farm Boy just got bought by Sobeys for $800 million. What does that make Organic Garage worth?

Episode 016 - Kiran Sidhu, CEO, Halo Labs

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Kiran Sidhu, the CEO of newly-public Halo Labs (NEO:HALO), about the company's 20% oils and concentrates market share in Oregon, and expansion in California and Nevada. Sidhu says Halo Labs has a blue chip management team, and will soon be generating more than $5 million (U.S.) per month in revenue.

Episode 015 - Legalization Live!

In this live episode, Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to three guests on the day recreational cannabis officially became legal. Get five cannabis stock ideas from Bruce Campbell, portfolio manager of the StoneCastle Cannabis Growth Fund. Hear from CannaRoyalty (CSE:CRZ) CEO, Marc Lustig, on the company's large brand distribution position in the California market, and why he chose the Golden State in the first place. And listen to Tyler Robson, the CEO of Valens GroWorks (CSE:VGW), talk about the company's plans to be the largest extractor of cannabis oils and concentrates in North America. Plus, facts and figures on the sector in Canada and the U.S., and viewer questions.

Episode 014 - Soheil Samimi, President, Isodiol Canada

Samimi explains Isodiol's (CSE:ISOL) proprietary cannabinoid (CBD) extraction from hemp process, and how the company already has more than 30 CBD-based products on the market in the U.S., U.K. and China as it moves into the Canadian market. Samimi says Isoldiol wants to increase its CBD production by 10 times from current levels. To do that, the company is building the largest CBD production facility in the world in China.

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Episode 013 - Anthony Dutton, CEO, Cannex Capital

Anthony Dutton is leading Cannex Capital (CSE:CNNX) into what he calls the "next great frontier" of the cannabis sector - the U.S. market. Cannex is the largest producer in Washington State and the company now has a presence in California after the acquisition of Jetty Extracts. Dutton is an operator with an aerospace background who surrounds himself with a team of people he knows and trusts. He's all about execution and profitability. Dutton also believes the ultimate winners in the cannabis sector will be those who best market and brand themselves. Check out the new site

Episode 012 - Marc Seelenfreund, CEO, Siyata Mobile - Part Three

Part three of three interviews recorded over several months with Siyata Mobile (TSXV:SIM) CEO and founder, Marc Seelenfreund. He says the company is a few weeks away from signing a deal with a large telecom carrier in Canada for the company's first mover, six-in-one communications device for commercial vehicles, the Uniden UV350. And, Seelenfreund says Siyata is a few months away from similar deals with the biggest telecom carriers in the U.S. Seelenfreund details the dramatic impact the UV350 will have on Siyata's top and bottom lines, and believes the market is soon going to wake up to these meaningful catalysts. Consider the stock before it does.

Episode 011 - Marc Seelenfreund, CEO, Siyata Mobile

Part two of a two-part interview with Marc Seelenfreund, the founder and CEO of Siyata Mobile. Seelenfreund updates us on the company's progress in getting its flagship Uniden UV 350 4G LTE in-vehicle device approved by Industry Canada, the FCC and industry players. Siyata's stock has been performing better as the company's sales ramp up with Seelenfreund saying there are some big-name contracts to come.

Episode 010 - Marc Seelenfreund, CEO, Siyata Mobile

Part one of a two-part interview with the hard-charging founder and CEO of Siyata Mobile, Marc Seelenfreund. His passion is contagious as he explains Siyata's communications product offerings for the vehicle fleet market. The company's flagship device is the six-in-one Uniden UV350 4G/LTE, which is designed to clear the clutter in drivers vehicles. Siyata Mobile's stock had a nice run after this interview was recorded. 

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