About Capital Ideas


Capital Ideas Media (CIM) is a content platform focused on helping investors make well-informed choices about where to put their money.

We don’t recommend which stocks to buy or sell, but instead arm you, the savvy investor, with the latest information from the top analysts and money managers about what’s happening with certain companies and sectors, all in context of the current market backdrop. We believe the best way to make money is by doing your own homework, and that CIM should be part of your regular investing curriclum.

When you subscribe to Capital Ideas Premium, you get access to our full suite of small cap investment content including exclusive research and analysis, early access to compelling investment ideas, CEO video and podcast interviews, and live streams with the leaders of innovative, growth companies, and top-performing investors.


Other contributors/guests include Fabrice Taylor, CFA, publisher, The Presidents Club Investment Letter, columnist, Globe and Mail and frequent guest on BNN Market Call, known for fearlessly “telling it like it is”. Ryan Irvine, publisher of the Keystone Financial Publishing (small-cap focus), Peter Hodson, founder of 5i Research, Dan Lloyd, fund manager and founder, Sui Generis, Dwight Galusha, technical analyst and other portfolio managers and analysts from across the country.

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