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New Ideas in New Digest; How to Get Control of Your Data

Today’s Capital Ideas Digest talks to a CEO about his firm’s next phase of growth after he presided over a tripling of the stock price. And, watch EY’s Abhishek Sinha on how open banking is empowering for consumers.

Origin House Gets Bought; Heyday.AI CEO

Heyday.AI is developing a new customer experience by combining an AI-empowered virtual assistant and the human touch of a live chat. See our interview with CEO Steve Desjarlais.

Anonymous Job Search, Oil’s Big Quarter, & Lyft Takes Off

Watch the latest interview from DX3 Canada with Fintros co-founder, CEO and CTO, Jonathan Garbe, who’s helped to create anonymous job search technology.

Meet Apollo, a Robot with Character

Promorobots has developed Apollo, a robot with character. Watch this interview from our entrepreneur/startup series from DX3 Canada, with Evgeniy Osipov, CEO of Promorobots.

Growth Stock for the Ages & Liquid Analytics CEO

The new Digest features analyst coverage on a top tier growth company, and three stocks that could return as much as 140%. Plus, Lynn Nguyen, co-founder, CEO, Liquid Analytics.

“Excellent” Growth Stock & Three Initiations in Today’s Digest.

Today’s Digest features an incredibly consistent company whose shares are higher by 4,600%+ in 10 years and can keep going. Plus, the co-Founder of OpenHouse.

Morning Need to Know

Morgidge is modernizing the mortgage process. Watch our interview with company co-founder and CEO, Muhammad Rashid, from Dx3 Canada.

Entrepreneur’s Idea Goes Viral Thanks to Beyonce

This entrepreneur’s luxury beauty product went viral after Beyonce started using it. Watch our new interview in our entrepreneur and startup series from Dx3 Canada.

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