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New Video: National Access Cannabis & the Power of Retail

Watch our interview with Mark Goliger, CEO of National Access Cannabis, Canada’s largest cannabis retailer, to find out why the company has exponential growth potential.

Fresh Look at Old Stock

Remember to access the new Capital Ideas Digest, for a fresh look at an old guard, big technology company with an acquisition catalyst and 40% upside.

This Bull Ready to Rumble

Morning Note: Don’t fall asleep on today’s cover story idea in the new Capital Ideas Digest. This big tech has catalysts to send it on a multi-year bull run.

Canopy Growth Targets Raised After Acreage Deal

Keep reading for analyst calls on Canopy Growth. And, watch out for tomorrow’s Capital Ideas Digest. We’ll feature an out of favour big tech ready for another multi-year run.

Extraction Traction: Valens GroWorks CEO Interview

Here’s our conversation with Tyler Robson, CEO of Valens GroWorks, which has nearly quadrupled since his last visit. Analysts are projecting $35-50 million in EBITDA in 2019.

New Digest, NextLeaf Surges, & Valens Video Update

The new Capital Ideas Digest has answers on the short Canadian banks debate. Also, news on NextLeaf, which has nearly doubled since our interview last week.

Short the Banks? Plus, Valens GroWorks’ CEO.

Today’s Digest, available at 7 pm ET, debates the merits of shorting Canada’s banks. Plus, look out for our conversation with Valens GroWorks CEO Tyler Robson.

Cannex Has 216% Upside, Aphria’s Bummer, & ChargeLab’s CEO.

Watch our conversation with the founder & CEO of ChargeLab. New coverage of Cannex, up 170% since our interview. And Aphria’s stock has a bad trip.

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