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Canopy Added to TSX 60, Disney’s Stream Surge, & Boss Insights

Investors in private companies struggle to get financial details. Boss Insights solves that problem. Watch our chat with Keren Moynihan, Co-Founder of Boss Insights.

MTY Buying Again, Cannabis Initiation, & Incentives for Startups

Capital Ideas winner MTY is buying a U.S. pizza chain. We’ve got an analyst initiation on a U.S. cannabis firm, and an interview on how startups can get tax incentives.

Light, Speedy Flyer in New Digest, New Age Digital Advertising, & Helius Stumbles

See the new Capital Ideas Digest for a technology idea which some say reminds them of Shopify. And a leader of Contobox, a company pushing digital ads into the future.

Hot Tech in Today’s Digest & Raves About NextLeaf’s U.S. Patent

Our cover story idea in today’s Digest has big name backing and is growing organic revenue at 50%. Also, check out two new CEO videos.

U.S. Patent Makes NextLeaf the Next One

NextLeaf Solutions is leading the race to develop standardized cannabis oils. Paul Pederson is co-founder & CEO. He also started Peace Naturals, and sold to Cronos Group.

Profound Analyst Call, U.S. Job Gains, and A Classic Entrepreneur

See problem, solve problem, make money. This guy is a classic entrepreneur. Watch this interview to find out why. Plus, a hefty price target change.

Capital Ideas TV at DX3: Anita Ramdas, Founder & CEO, ShuffleSpace

Companies need a place for their stuff and ShuffleSpace provides it. Watch our interview from DX3 Canada with founder and CEO, Anita Ramdas.

Digest Idea Has 25% Upside; Interview with McDonald’s Chief Technology Officer

See the new Digest for a reliable grower that has more than 25% upside. And, watch our conversation with McDonald’s Canada chief technology officer, Lara Skripitsky.

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