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Two Zinc Companies Set to Gain as Much as 50%

Also inside: New research on an energy player with “long-term sustainable growth” and 70% upside.

Plus: An experienced management team with billion dollar exits goes for a profitable hat trick with a new junior gold miner.

How This Digital Giant Can Maintain its Global Lead and Rise Nearly 50%

Also inside: A cannabis company that’s a ‘rare’ find.

Plus: How this firm combines organic growth with savvy acquisitions and can grow EBITDA by 30%

With The Biggest Semi Equipment Players in the World as Clients, This Stock Can Drive 65% Higher.

Also inside: A stock ready to tear it up to 30% gains.

Plus: This undervalued gold company has an experienced, respected management team and the shares could more than double.

This Power Company Combines Growth, Cash Flow and a Healthy Yield

A rare blend of organic growth, strong cash flow and a sizeable dividend.

Also inside: New coverage of an oil company under strategic review with more than 60% upside.

Plus: This pharma could gain nearly 80%; And the stock of a premium company is breaking out.

Who Says Rising Rates are Bad for REITs? Not This Contrarian Idea.

Also, inside: This payments solutions company has had a good run since we talked to the CEO. It’s enjoying accelerated growth and has more than 50% upside.

Plus, why this silver company is undervalued on all metrics and could gain 80%.

How This Global Canadian Technology Leader Keeps Churning Out Profit and Stellar Returns

Also inside: New analyst coverage of a leading edge medical company with nearly 170% upside.

Plus, fresh coverage on why this lithium company will be a low-cost leader and has 90% upside.

goeasy Makes Investing Look Easy with More Than 60% Upside

Also inside: New analyst research says this gold miner could gain 60%.

Plus: Why this Quebec-based cannabis player has 50% upside.

Why This Stock is a Buying Opportunity and Has More Than 50% Upside

Also inside: New CEO means a new era for this purest of pure plays whose shares could gain 55%.

Plus: How this unique company is growing in the pre-owned luxury sector and why the stock could advance 60%.

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