Capital Ideas TV, Episode 34: President of LexaGene, CFO of Mogo, CEOs of Deveron UAS and Hashchain

Episode Description

In this technology-themed episode, Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Daryl Rebeck, the president of LexaGene Holdings (LXG.V), which is close to commercializing a faster and easier way to test for pathogens. Large medical diagnostics companies are taking notice, and Rebeck goes on the record saying LexaGene could get a takeover offer by November.

Mark speaks again with Mogo Finance Technology (MOGO.TO) CFO, Greg Feller, about why he wants the company to be the ‘go-to’ digital bank in Canada, and about the company’s recent move into blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Mark also talks to the hands on founder of Hashchain (KASH.V), Patrick Gray, who started the cryptocurrency miner in his garage. Gray says the company is much more than a miner as Hashchain is taking a leading role in regulations surrounding blockchain and crypto, and developing software solutions.

And Mark sits down again with David MacMillan, the CEO of drone data for agriculture company Deveron UAS. MacMillan updates us on the company’s progress, which includes revenue growing by about eight times from last year, being cash flow positive, and landing an important deal with Monsanto.